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DPE production management


Experience from the production floor, listening what everyone is talking (complaining) about and encountering during their work. Observing where the bottlenecks might be. For DPE, these are the starting points for knowing what production is all about. Since we too started from scratch, it is no problem for us to communicate with both the people behind the machines and the people at the other end of the process. Thinking of the engineers and designers. Departments that are often less able to empathize with the people on the production floor, which increases the chance of misunderstandings and conflicts arising, things you want to avoid in your production process.

Realistic goals

Being aware what can be done and what not. With our years of experience in the plastics industry, we intuitively sense what is realistically achievable and where there is still profit to be made. Always seeing the space for innovation, acceleration and optimization DPE contributes to minimizing total costs and increasing the commercial success of your organization.



beyond our years of experience, we also have experience within various foreign companies. Especially within the German and English market, which makes us deployable not only for the Dutch market but worldwide.

What does DPE do for you?

Once objective and planning have been determined, DPE takes over responsibility for production.

Executively, you can think of tasks such as:

  • Monitoring and adjusting production planning

  • Checking, analyzing and adjusting processes and raw   materials

  • Coordinating and motivating the team

  • Communicating the importance of issues such as quality, safety and hygiene to employees

  • Selecting suppliers or service providers

  • Controlling the quality of products and processes

For whom?

DPE works for manufacturers in technology, automotive and the medical industry. If you happen to work in one of these sectors and are looking for someone to streamline production, please get in touch.

We are happy to be of service!


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