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Why DPE?

There is no integral training in NL

A complete, multi-year professional training program in the field of plastics is lacking in the Netherlands. There is no such training at MBO, HBO or university level. And, unimaginable but true, in a world that consists for 80% of plastics! The craftsmanship is getting lost. There is still a process engineer, or another link in the process, but there are too few people with a thorough education who know the entire process.



Where should a school-leaver start if they are interested in working with plastics? DPE creates a Personal Training Plan. Based on a number of tests, we look at what the capabilities and ambitions are. In consultation with you, we determine the level and job you want to do. Once the starting point and end point have been determined, we put together an individual training programme.



The course material itself is carefully scanned for relevance: the student is offered exactly that which is important to him or her. It is important to offer material that stimulates enthusiasm and the desire to learn. In this way DPE delivers candidates who not only have a thorough knowledge of the production process, but also take a portion of enthusiasm back to their employer!


Depending on, for example, your personal situation and the type of training, there are possibilities for full or partial subsidies. DPE is well versed in this world and can advise you. If desired, DPE can also take care of the realization of such a project.


For whom?

DPE works both directly and indirectly for producers in the plastic processing industry. We work together with the temporary employment sector, reintegration agencies and recruiters. And perhaps with you!


Contact us to see what kind of customization we can offer you.

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